Welcome to More Feet on the Ground! An educational website on how to recognize, respond and refer students experiencing mental health issues on campus.

According to the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, an estimated one in five Canadians, in any given year, will experience a mental health or addiction problem.* In Canada, youth between the ages of 15 and 24 are the population group most likely to experience mental health issues and/or substance abuse disorders, with suicide being the second leading cause of death among those ages 10 to 19.*

In response to these statistics, the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) has partnered with Brock University and the Ontario government to develop this website. Mental illness often strikes individuals during the years that they attend university, but early identification and treatment can help make a major difference in the lives of these students. More Feet on the Ground is intended to provide you with tools to support students experiencing mental health issues.

We encourage you to read through all of the website pages to fully learn about understanding, recognizing, responding and referring students who are experiencing mental health issues. You can either use the navigation bar across the top of the site. Or, you can simply click “Next Up” at the bottom of each page, to ensure that you have covered all of the content.

Now that you are using the website, you can create an account to complete the quizzes. Combined, all 3 of the quizzes should take roughly 10minutes to complete. You can complete them all in one sitting, or you can return at any time. When you have successfully answered all of the questions you will receive a certificate for the More Feet on the Ground mental health training.

Come back and learn more about mental health at any time. While you may not be currently experiencing some of the situations discussed, you may in the future. This site is intended to be a resource that you can reference whenever you need it.

*CAMH Statistics on Mental Illness and Addictions